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【Story of Tian Yuan Xiang—Every drop with wholehearted devotion】

The first impression that comes to our mind when hearing chicken essence is its unpleasant taste. But, every golden drop of Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence (田原香滴鸡精) turns this stereotype upside down on account of its pure and rich taste, just like a bowl of fresh chicken soup! 

In fact, most people may not know that滴鸡精, a kind of chicken essence, followed the ancient methods step by step, originating from historical and cultural Tainan. During Ming and Qing dynasties, Tainan was the capital of Taiwan, gathering many public officials and officers who leaded a large family life. Every ritual was full of delicate details with customs at that time. Therefore, a unique “refined culture” was presented, and滴鸡精 was the best depiction of that time. As generation goes by, the chicken essence following elaborate making process is getting less. Under this background, Tian Yuan Xiang remains the conventions and local cultures, merging the inspirations from ancestors as well as transferring the concepts to modern people. The traditional culture of Tainan has found its value and will be passed down from generation to generation.

A bowl of chicken essence with plentiful nutrients is extracted from a whole chicken via a time-consuming process. A whole chicken should be braised and stewed under high temperature with charcoal fire and filtered oil off repeatedly. Not only is the chicken essence beneficial for health, but it has low sodium, calorie, and cholesterol. Most importantly, it gives no extra burden to your body!

Why not have one packet of Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence right away in the morning that brings you great vigor and energy!

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