About Us

The first impression that comes to our mind when hearing chicken essence is its unpleasant taste. But, every golden drop of Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence (田原香滴鸡精) turns this stereotype upside down on account of its pure and rich taste, just like a bowl of fresh chicken soup!

The Origin of Chicken Essence

Some people thought that “滴鸡精(Chicken Essence, CE)” is the invention of Tian Yuan Xiang. However, it’s a beautiful misunderstanding. In fact, most people may not know that滴鸡精, a kind of chicken essence, followed the ancient methods step by step, originating from historical and cultural Tainan. During Ming and Qing dynasties, Tainan was the capital of Taiwan, gathering many public officials and officers who leaded a large family life. Every ritual was full of delicate details with customs at that time. Therefore, a unique “refined culture” was presented, and CE was the best depiction of that time.

A bowl of滴鸡精(Chicken Essence, CE) with plentiful nutrients is extracted from a whole chicken via a time-consuming process. A whole chicken should be braised and stewed under high temperature with charcoal fire and filtered oil off repeatedly. As generation goes by, the CE following elaborate making process is getting less.

The Parental Love for Children

As parents, Papa Tian and Mama Tian, raising chickens for many years, are unwilling to see their four daughters suffering from the huge pressure under the university entrance exams, bringing about tiredness, menses pain, and so on. Therefore, Papa Tian decided to raise a flock of chickens in the mountain, making “滴鸡精(Chicken Essence, CE)” as nourishment, especially for his daughters. Several years ago, one of the daughters, Missy Q, was pregnant. Papa Tian and Mama Tian prepared “CE” to take good care of their girl during pregnancy as usual. In addition, Missy Q shared her own prenatal & postnatal experiences on the internet, telling the story about how her parents raised chickens by their own and extracted nutritious CE via ancient manners for replenishing her body. One of the netizens mentioned that her mother, who had passed away used to take care of her in the same way. At this moment, The Tian family were touched and made up their mind to make CE with the spirit of “parental love” and “concern”, starting the brand of Tian Yuan Xiang wholeheartedly.

Every Pure Drop Comes from Perfect Chickens

In order to let everyone enjoy premium滴鸡精(Chicken Essence, CE), exclusive method of raising chicken is crucial. The Tian family has devoted themselves to poultry farming for three generations. Papa Tian follows natural method to keep one chicken on a land of 3.3 square meters while others keep ten on the same size. Growing in fabulous environment with free range, chickens have natural resistance. Moreover, the feed composition will be adjusted along with the weather changing. Protein would be added more during winter to strengthen the resistance of chickens. To prevent chickens from stress syndromes or lower the rate of disease affection, electrolyte and probiotics will be applied to relieve chickens’ discomfort and nourish them when temperature raises or drops dramatically.

No Drug or Antibiotic Allowed! 150-Day Journey

Papa Tian insists on raising chickens without applying antibiotics or drugs. However, chickens would fight against each other at the age of 70 days and it leads to death rate increasing. To lower the death rate, some chicken farmers inject female hormones into chickens. On the contrary, Papa Tian works even harder to look after the chickens and keep them healthy. Although the growth rate is less than 80%, Papa Tian still thinks that it’s worth it. Last but not least, instead of slaughtering young chickens at the age of 70-90 days, Papa Tian perseveres in producing滴鸡精(Chicken Essence, CE) with mature and strong chickens at the age of 150 days whose nutrition and collagen are premium, making CE an outstanding tonic.