Special Offers Go for Gold! Selected Flavour Is Ready for Examinees! Save up to $25 2019/10/02 04:49

Let Tian Yuan Xiang accompany you for the last mile to success, bringing you more energy and concentration. Enjoy $5 rebate for one box of every flavour of chicken essence or $20 rebate for Examinee Set!

【Examinee Set A】$370 (U.P. $390)
Chicken Essence with American Ginseng+ Original Chicken Essence (Room Temperature)
American ginsengBoost Qi and blood without internal heat raising. An ideal supply for the examinees.
【Examinee Set L】 $360(U.P. $380)
Chicken Essence with Lingchi(灵芝)+ Original Chicken Essence (Room Temperature)
Lingchi contains ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides(灵芝多糖体) and ganoderic acid(灵芝酸)whichcan adjust immunity two-way.

【 Exclusive bonus for 田原香客团 WhatsApp group】
Members in 田原香客团 are entitled to $5 cash rebate extra!

▪ This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions e.g. mummy set or 10-box set.
▪ Delivery is free of charge and all products will be delivered at one time.
▪Exclusive bonus for WhatsApp group is only for in-store purchase.
▪If the campaign is unable to proceed due to force majeure, Tian Yuan Xiang reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or
modify the campaign without prior notice.