Special Offers Mid-autumn Offer! Enjoy Cash Rebate + Freebie on Your Purchase! 2019/09/04 01:40

No more moon cakes!  
Let’s upgrade your appreciation by delivering a healthier gift,
Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence.
Enjoy $5 cash rebate for purchase of one box of chicken essence during 5/9-15/9/2019!

In-store Exclusive!
One Pure Cup will be entitled to in-store purchase while stocks last. Happy Moon Festival!

Campaign period: 5/9/2019–15/9/2019

▪ This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions e.g. mummy set or 10-box set.
▪ Free pure cup is for in-store purchase only.
▪One order is only entitled to one complimentary pure cup.
▪Product delivery is complimentary. Please refer to Tian Yuan Xiang Official for delivery regulations.
▪If the campaign is unable to proceed due to force majeure, Tian Yuan Xiang reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or
modify the campaign without prior notice.