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New arrivals-CE For After Period

2023/04/12 05:22



Common troubles for girls, Tian Yuan Xiang is here to help!

Every menstrual period is not smooth, period flow cannot stop for several days?


Tian Yuan Xiang developed together with traditional Chinese medicine physicians

Introducing new essential products for women in the new era──

★★★Chicken essence For After Period★★★

A selection of formulas for women's postmenstrual conditioning!

Help the body clean up, clean first and then replenish, so that you have a radiant and good complexion!


✓ Fructus Ligustri Lucidi: Elastic lift, rejuvenation exudes charming confidence

✓Agrimony: Strengthen contraction, bid farewell to long period

✓American Ginseng: Replenish Qi and blood, drink for a good look


# Chicken essence For After Period

#Special Price$180 (Original$190)

☀ More cost-effective with April activities ☀

>>13-16/4 All flavor | Any 2 boxes 5% off

>> New friends get another $20 discount on first purchase this month

It means that you can buy the Chicken Essence at as low as $161!


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