Room Temperature Mother Gift

2023/04/25 04:18

Since childhood, mom worried that we were not eating enough nutrition.

When we grow up, our mother still tells us to take care of ourselves every day


But have you noticed... Mom often has indigestion, flatulence and "bloating", and feels uncomfortable all over?

Especially afternoon, more and more "qi" begins to accumulate in the stomach

The whole stomach is very bloated and uncomfortable, want to burp but can't burp it

At night, the whole body becomes "blocked" until the whole body's "Qi" is not flowing smoothly, neither sitting nor standing is uncomfortable!


Tian Yuan Xiang knows what mother didn't say!

\\ Pamper mom , Your first choice//

#Chicken Essence For Gastro-ease 2 in 1

Two flavors at room temperature to help you take care of mommy !

Contains "For Bloat Relief & With Four-ingredient " Chicken Essence

Help mother adjust her spleen and stomach, and say goodbye to "bloating" from now on!

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Mother’s Day Limited 

Exclusive gift box with exquisite hand-painted illustrations, the gift will win mom’s heart

This Mother's Day, use Tian Yuan Xiang to give mom a healthy gift~


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