4 Herbal Soups For Postnatal Confinement in SG

4 Herbal Soups For Postnatal Confinement in SG

Confinement Herbal Soup Singapore

During the confinement period, which lasts for approximately a month, one of the top priorities of any new Mum is recovery. While going through labour for your precious newborn is truly rewarding, the process does take a toll on your body with its rigour and the loss of blood. Even as you ease into motherhood, the exhausting delivery process typically results in postpartum fatigue.

As such, the confinement period becomes a precious window: a time for you to receive your well-deserved rest. Specifically, in terms of food, you would need the nourishment for optimal recovery and the energy to care for your little one. Also, for those Mums out there who have taken the route of breastfeeding, you most certainly have to ensure you eat only the most nutritious foods to keep both you and your baby well-fed. For that, we’ve collated the four best confinement soups in Singapore that you should incorporate into your postnatal diet.

1. Black beans soup

Whether you prefer to mix black chicken or pork ribs (that are both low in fat) you’re your soup, this is a nutritious meal that tackles the huge loss of blood experienced by new mothers. This soup effectively helps to replenish blood cells, combating side effects of dizziness or shortness of breath after delivery. To top it off, black beans are high in protein, which elevates the health benefits of this soup!


2. Herbal chicken soup 

The herbal chicken soup is said to be a must-have soup among new mums. By adding just a couple of herbs, the resulting tonic promotes blood circulation and healing for your recovering body. If you wish to boost the nutritional content further, consider adding some eucommia bark or vaccaria seed. Not only does eucommia bark help compress and heal your uterus, but it also helps to improve the lower back pain often experienced by women undergoing postpartum care. On the other hand, vaccaria seed is a superfood that helps to ease milk secretion and promote lactation in turn.

That said, an excellent option for lactating mummies would be Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence for Breastfeeding, which boasts vaccaria seed — perfect to hit your nutritional lactation goals!

Alternatively, Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence with Eucommia contains a blend of nutritious herbal ingredients perfect for supporting postpartum recovery for new mummies. Available in our Maternity Mummy Set package, it’s also easy to make – simply heat it up in a microwave or double boil to 100°C to tuck into some wholesome goodness in a bowl!

3. Sweet potato and ginger soup

This is for the mothers with a sweet tooth. Known as a traditional Cantonese dessert, some might not have realised that sweet potato and ginger soup also makes an excellent confinement soup. Usually served warm, this soup is said to be ‘heaty’ and removes toxins from the body. Its high natural sugar content also makes it a great energy booster. Popular among many, this soup can be easily made and enjoyed by the whole family!

4. Lotus root soup

Lotus root soup is another pro-lactation tonic that is especially crucial for breastfeeding mothers. Here’s a tip in maximising the blood-nourishing benefit of this soup: be sure to cook the lotus roots longer until you observe that the soup turns into a darker shade of red. You may also choose to add fish maw that is great for hydrating the skin or add papaya, a natural sweetener for that energy boost! 


For new Mums or aspiring Mums-to-be, it’s time to look into the above soups for optimal postnatal care. In fact, these soups can be brewed at home or easily found across various confinement herbal soup packages in Singapore. Above all, remember that what’s most important is to allow yourself to recover from postpartum at your own time and own pace!