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Special Offers Do you receive a mooncake mountain every Moon Festival~? 2021/09/06 16:45
Special Offers Celebrate August 2021/08/11 17:09
Special Offers TYX exclusive BTS shipping free 2021/07/14 16:53
Special Offers It is during the extraordinary period that we realize that health is the most important. 2021/06/14 13:26
Announcement From 1st July 2020, all frozen chicken essence deliveries would be charged at $10 per trip. 2020/07/02 16:02
Latest News We are happy to announce that our shop will be open on 19 June 2020. 2020/06/18 15:49
Announcement 【📣OnlineStore Reopen】 2020/04/10 12:24
Special Offers Tian Yuan Xiang WhatsApp Group Launching Run for The Quantity- limited Offering! 2019/04/19 14:25
Latest News Chicken Essence (Room Temperature Storage) Launching! 2018/12/12 12:29
Announcement 《Announcement》Free Delivery on ALL Orders of Chicken Essence Permanently 2018/11/29 09:20

TYX Temporarily closed from 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020.