Chicken Essence with Dendrobium1

Chicken Essence with Dendrobium(Frozen)

60ccx20 packets per box

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Chicken Essence with Dendrobium:Essence of Chicken, Lycii Fructus, Dendrobium Nobile, Ophiopogonis radix, Solomon's seal Rhizome, Lilii Bulbus, Chrysanthemum

One box of Chicken Essence with Denrobium  (20 packets)

We used 3.5 whole natural chickens for each box, packing chicken essence into 60c.c. x 20 packets. (About 2/5 height of a bowl)

Chinese Herb Introduction

Dendrobium Nobile, Ophiopogonis Radix, Solomon's Seal:Enrich Yin, Engender liquid, Skin care

Ophiopogonis Radix, Solomon's Seal, Lilii Bulbus, Chrysanthemi Flos:Supplement Qi and Moisten the lung

Suitable for



3.Pregnant Women

4.Postpartum Care 

5.3 days after the bleeding caused from miscarriage stops

6.The aged

7.Excessive internal heat

Unsuitable for(▲Need to consult with a traditional Chinese physician for further instructions)



3.Women on the period

4.Patients with fever or inflammation

5.Branched-chain organic acidurias(e.g. Maple syrup urine disease)


Please consult your doctor for further instructions before drinking if you have a special constitution. It is advised to have a balanced diet and exercises for healthy building.

Suggested Edible Method

Please store Chicken Essence in freezer.
How to thaw out:Firstly cut Aluminum bag at frozen state, and put the Chicken Essence into a bowl with lid, and then heat it by microwave or double boiling to 100°C. (As long as chicken essence thaw out, please finish it at once, do not store it back to the freezers.)