Uncovering Chicken Essence Benefits: Why Is It Good for You?

Uncovering Chicken Essence Benefits: Why Is It Good for You?

Have you ever had chicken essence before? It's a clear, broth-like liquid that is often in Asian diets, cooking, and supplementation. It's also known for its many health benefits.

Believed to be a nourishing dietary supplement for decades in Taiwan, the drip chicken essence is made by roasting the entire chicken under high heat—not a single drop of water is added—to preserve and extract nutritional values completely.  This results in a broth that is rich in nutrients like protein, and amino acids.

But what exactly are these chicken essence benefits? In this post, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of chicken essence and explain why it's good for you.

Beneficial chicken essence spread with traditional Chinese medicine

Top 6 Health Benefits of Chicken Essence

Chicken essence is wholesome in itself, but after being blended with different formulations of traditional Chinese medicine, our drip chicken essence products better cater to different people’s nutritional needs.

  1. Relieves Mental and Physical Fatigue

Chicken essence is rich in amino acids that have been shown to reduce mental and physical fatigue.

One study from 2013 tested the effects of chicken essence on mental fatigue by having subjects consume chicken essence or a placebo before taking a series of cognitive tests. The study concluded that drinking chicken essence on a daily basis could help reduce mental fatigue. Researchers are also looking at it as a new anti-fatigue food.

Various amino acids can be found in abundance in drip chicken essence. Among these, glycine and Tryptophan are also known for their ability to improve sleep quality, which can, in turn, help reduce physical fatigue and therefore, facilitate exercise performance.

  1. Regulates the Immune System

Have you ever found a bowl of chicken broth easing your cold symptoms and wondered why the warmth brings soothing relief? As chicken essence is rich in protein, antioxidants, and vitamins, it’s effective in helping regulate the immune system.

A 2005 study found that chicken essence can regulate the human body’s immunity by increasing the activity of immunoglobulin A, G, and M. These antibodies help fight off infections and viruses. 

Take our Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken essence with Lingzhi for example. With Lingzhi being a featured ingredient, it contains polysaccharide and Ganoderma acid: These properties are effective in dual-directional immune regulation, alleviating allergies during pregnancy, and regulating immunity.

  1. Provides Nutrition for Pregnant Women and Improve Lactation

Chicken essence is a good source of nutrition for pregnant women. When experiencing rapid hormonal changes during pregnancy, many women suffer from loss of appetite and morning sickness. Drip chicken essence can be of great help, in that it tastes great and contains sufficient nutrition. 

Also, drip chicken essence is an excellent source of protein: There is abundant Tryptophan that facilitates the production of serotonin, which helps with better focus and stabler emotions. After the sun sets, the body converts serotonin into melatonin, which is necessary for a good night’s sleep . Lastly, high-quality protein is vital to cell formulation as well as fetal growth. 

The abundant protein found in drip chicken essence is also a key element of breast milk. Therefore, drip chicken essence makes for great help to breastfeeding women. 

A pregnant woman sitting on a bench and enjoying the benefits of chicken essence.

  1. Speeds up Surgery Recovery

In case a pregnant woman has to have a cesarean section, or a patient requires emergency surgery, chicken essence can support their nutrition needs throughout recovery. It also helps shorten recovery time.

After smoldering under high heat, abundant proteins in drip chicken essence are then hydrolyzed and turned into easy-to-digest units (called amino acids). One of them is Glutamine, which is a crucial ingredient that assists in the synergy of proteins. When supplementing Glutamine through drip chicken essence, muscle tissue is reinforced; wound healing after operations can be fastened. . On top of that, chicken essence is able to regulate the immune system, which means a woman recovering from childbirth can more easily fight off any possible diseases and infections.

  1. Supports Children's Growth

Chicken essence doesn't just benefit the pregnant and lactating mother—it also benefits the children. Throughout a child’s developmental stages, chicken essence helps meet their nutrition requirements and supports their growth; thanks to its rich content of protein and amino acids.

High-quality protein is essential for the growth of bones, skin, and hair. Children can also benefit from chicken essence, in two ways: Firstly, drip chicken essence is rich in Arginine, which is a fundamental building block for growth hormones. Also, Glutamine can be found in abundance in drip chicken essence; this assists in muscle growth. .

  1. Improves Focus and Concentration

Chicken essence has been shown to have a positive effect on focus and concentration, therefore enhancing cognitive ability.

A study was conducted in 2016 to ascertain whether chicken essence was effective at improving cognitive function. During the study, there were a total of four trials that evaluated the cognitive performance of the subjects. It was found that the subjects who received chicken essence had enhanced memory and arithmetic skills compared to subjects who received a placebo.

Reaping Health Benefits of Drip Chicken Essence

As you can see, there are many chicken essence benefits that you can reap today. Does chicken essence work? Definitely – but only if you choose a quality product like the TianYuanXiang Chicken Essence.

We formulate our range of drip chicken essence with traditional Chinese medicine based on different people's needs. For instance, not only does TianYuanXiang Chicken Essence with Lingzhi Halal certified, but it has also received the official double-effect health certification in Taiwan. This means that our product is able to provide proven health benefits, including combatting fatigue and regulating the immune system. 

All in all, regular consumption of chicken essence can have a wide spectrum of bioactivities on health promotion, performance improvement, and anti-fatigue. So, if you're looking for an all-natural way to improve your health, our TianYuanXiang Chicken Essence is definitely worth a try!