Wondering When is the Best Time to Drink Chicken Essence? Your Top 10 Facts & FAQs

Wondering When is the Best Time to Drink Chicken Essence? Your Top 10 Facts & FAQs

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So, you’ve decided to add chicken essence to your wellness routine. Awesome! But when is the best time to drink it and how much should you take?

In this article, you'll find the answers to these and other frequently asked questions about chicken essence. This tried-and-tested supplement is a great way to boost your energy and overall health, so make sure you’re getting the most out of it by following these tips!

When is the Best Time to Drink Chicken Essence?

There are different schools of thought when it comes to the best time to drink chicken essence. Some say that it’s best to drink chicken essence on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, while others say that you should drink it before bedtime.

The truth is, while there is no wrong time to drink chicken essence, we’d suggest you enjoy Tian Yuan Xiang Drip Chicken Essence on the following occasion: Firstly, have it once you’re ready to rise up and shine in the morning. With an empty stomach, absorption is usually the most effective. Or, sip a bowl of drip chicken essence in the afternoon or early evening when you feel drowsy. The containing nutrient is sure to perk you up! Note that consuming chicken essence at night or before bed is never recommended, as doing this may prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.    

That being said, it’s best to drink it when it works best for you and your schedule. For instance, if you’re someone who likes to start their day with a cup of coffee, Try swapping your mug of coffee for some warm drip chicken essence. This has been our all-time favorite way to boost our morning energy level.

If you prefer to work late at night and thus need an energy boost, it’s recommended that you should drink chicken essence in the afternoon. But make sure you’re not drinking it too close to bedtime, or you may have trouble falling asleep⁠—the nutritious chicken essence may get you too energized!

How Is Drip Chicken Essence Made?

We know that chicken essence has plenty of health benefits, but what is chicken essence exactly, and how is it made? Chicken essence is made from the extract of chicken bones and meat.  Drip chicken essence brings it to the next level, in terms of insistence on the ingredients used and the making process.

Consider drip chicken essence as an assemblage of the complete nutrition of the entire chicken. It is slowly cooked without a single drip of added water to boil down the full essence of a whole chicken. Then, after steps of fat content removal, we harvest our nutrition-dense but low-calorie chicken essence products. 

The best drip chicken essence is made with natural, nutritious ingredients without any MSG or preservatives. And we bring this sophistication further to the chosen containers⁠—when producing drip chicken essence, pottery pots are placed above the charcoal fire. Drip by drip, we gather every bit of chicken essence and never dilute it with any water. 

For instance, our Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence is made by double-boiling the full chicken. Though time-consuming, this process creates a pure and easy-to-absorb chicken essence that is full of nutrients and flavor⁠—without the need for any preservatives, artificial coloring, or artificial spices.

chicken essence made by double-boiling the whole chicken

Delving Deeper into Chicken Essence

In this section, we’ll answer some of the more common questions we get about chicken essence.

1. Who can benefit from chicken essence?

Chicken essence is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of their health conditions. If you're feeling run down or are in need of a natural energy boost, chicken essence can help.

Studies show that chicken essence can help people recover from mental fatigue and improve cognitive abilities. It’s also a grueat spplement to boost your general health.

2. How does chicken essence taste? Can it be heated?

Given that common chicken essence products available on the market is concentrated, the product's taste can be relatively artificial and thus less desirable. By contrast, Tian Yuan Xiang drip chicken essence is boiled down from the entire chicken, resulting in a comprehensive nutrition profile and better taste—Guess what? When consumed warm, drip chicken essence tastes just like a hearty bowl of chicken soup!

3. Does chicken essence keep you awake?

Chicken essence does not keep you awake but elevates your energy level. In other words, it is not a stimulant and will not cause sleeplessness. Contrary to popular belief, chicken essence is even recommended as a natural sleep aid due to its content of Tryptophan, an essential amino acid that primarily comes from food consumption.

4. When to drink chicken essence?

As we discussed earlier, you can drink chicken essence in the morning, before having dinner, or anytime in between. Just make sure that you don’t have it at night; otherwise, you could find yourself struggling to fall asleep later.

5. Is it okay to drink chicken essence every day?

You can definitely drink chicken essence every day. Aside from containing 0 fat, our Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence is also low in sodium, cholesterol, and calories. 

For daily care, consume one pack of drip chicken essence. To combat fatigue and get your vitality back, consume two packs per day for better health and energy.

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6. Is chicken essence healthy? Can I consume excessive calories from chicken essence?

You're not going to gain weight from drinking chicken essence. Each packet of chicken essence products contains only around 20 calories. It is therefore a great way to add nutrients to your diet without excessive calorie intake.

7. Can I drink chicken essence on an empty stomach?

Yes, and it’s preferable to drink chicken essence on an empty stomach for optimal absorption and digestion. However, people with a sensitive digestive system often find it easier on their stomachs when they eat something first. In this case, drink chicken essence between 2 meals to avoid any traces of discomfort. But again, consumption after dinner is not recommended.

8. What is the difference between chicken essence, drip chicken essence, and chicken soup?

We make chicken soup with abundant water, and nutrition density is, therefore, lower; as the fat content of chicken is cooked into the soup, it’s usually high in calories. 

Bottled chicken essence, on the other hand, is steamed and cooked with hot water and high pressure. Because it’s concentrated and flavored, common chicken essence often tastes unnaturally pungent. 

Lastly, drip chicken essence is made without added water. Through high temperatures, the complete essence gets extracted. Zero dilution, zero compromises. Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence preserves not only nutrients but also deliciousness. 

9. Can I drink chicken essence during a period?

There is no reason why you can't drink chicken essence during your period. Some people find that chicken soup helps to alleviate discomfort during your menstrual cycle.

10. How to choose chicken essence?

When choosing chicken essence, it's important to pick a product that is made with high-quality ingredients and does not contain any MSG or preservatives – just like our Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence.

The Chicken Essence for You to Drink Anytime

We hope that this article has answered some of your questions about chicken essence.

If you're looking for a high-quality chicken essence to drink, check out our Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence. It's made with double-boiled full chicken and does not contain preservatives or artificial spices. It's also low in sodium, cholesterol, and calories. No matter which lifestyle you live and how old you are, our chicken essence is 100% natural, safe, and tasty.

So, what are you waiting for? Try our Pure Chicken Essence today!